Master's Course on


March 22-26, 2010 at SDU-Odense, Room 77





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There is a range of activities taking place under NNIMIPA sponsorship during the 2009-2010 academic year, and these may be seen on the Google calendar below as well as on the EVENTS page on These activities include


  • A preparatory two-day workshop on music and gesture at a NNIMIPA coordination meeting which has just been held in Oslo, Norway February 18-19, 2010: see here for general calendar information, and for more details, please see:








  • The master's course on Music, Meaning and Gesture held March 22- 26, 2010 on the campus of SDU in Odense, Denmark, and with the participation of all seven member institutions. 


Schedule, lecture descriptions and readings for Master's Course: The schedule for the upcoming Master's Course on Music, Meaning and Gesture  may be seen on the Google Calendar below, as well as on the EVENTS page here on this site. Select the dates March 22-26, 2010. The best view is provided on the agenda-setting. Lecture descriptions and suggestions for preparatory readings are included; click on 'more details' within each posting. A .pdf-document with this information is available here.Suggestions for accommodations in Odense for those coming to the course from out-of-town follow the calendar below.


For a three-way interview in which William Westney (concert pianist and Hans Christian Andersen Guest Professor at SDU 2009-2010), Alexander Refsum Jensenius (one of the masterminds behind the motion-capture project at the FourM's Lab at the Dept. of Musicology at University of Oslo) and SDU's Cynthia M. Grund (Network Coordinator for NNIMIPA) tell about the motion-capture experiments in which William Westney took part in Oslo and which will be presented and analyzed as part of the course,  please go to, and click on the link indicated in the text which explains the pictures there!


Students from NNIMIPA-NordPlus-partner institutions in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark who wish to take this course for credit are asked to please consult their home university curriculum committees for information regarding the nature of the examination to be completed for a grade and the number of ECTS points awarded for passing this examination. Students at the University of Southern Denmark wishing to take this course as an overbygningskursus or fourth semester valgfag are requested to consult






and to contact the curriculum committee (studienćvn) of the department in which they are studying.


Note regarding calendar: The best view is provided on the "agenda"-setting. Clicking on "more details" yields the text in a properly formatted fashion.







The following hotels and youth hostel (click on names for websites) are very reasonably priced, within five minutes of each other and close to the buses (40-41-42) to the university (bus schedule here):


Danhostel Odense City


Hotel CabInn Odense


Hotel Domir


Ydes Hotel



The bed and breakfast known as Alléhuset is also very reasonable and not far from the center nor from the university. You can see the distance from the university here.



(The group of Facebookers planning to attend is the union of the "Confirmed Guestlists" on the following pages.)!/event.php?eid=277066999394&index=1 (An event under NTSMB: Utilized fanlist for NTSMB FB-page.)!/event.php?eid=315372835976&index=1 (An event under The Philosophy Meets Popular Culture Initiative.Utilized fanlist for The Philosophy Meets Popular Culture Initiative FB-page.)!/event.php?eid=292977468277&index=1 (An event under Filosofi, Syydansk Universitet Utilized fanlist for Filosofi, Syddansk Universitet FB-page.)!/event.php?eid=286723641184&index=1 (An event under Filosofi and Religion, SDU. Utilized fanlist for Filosofi og Religion, SDU FB-page.)


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Nordic Network for the Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics


appeared as of June 30, 2014, the concluding date for the period during which the network was funded by NordForsk 2010-2014. Founded in 2007, NNIMIPA was initially funded by NordPlus. This website was started in February 2010 while NNIMIPA was still a NordPlus network, and it contains extensive documentation of the activities within NNIMIPA from its inception in 2007 until the final date for the NordForsk grant in June 2014.

     The contacts that were established among researchers in the Nordic area and beyond through NNIMIPA have resulted in myriad cooperative research efforts. A significant number of these activities continue to be documented on the website which you  are most welcome to visit.


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